March 21, 2011

Shriners Visit #7- Laura walks!

On your mark...

Get ready...

Get set...


And go...

And GO!!

And smile!

We go back in 2 weeks on April 4th. The leg needs some minor adjustments, to fit just right.  Laura's prosthetic leg will look similiar to her left leg and will be fit for a princessa to wear!

We will stay for 3 or 4 days on our next trip. Laura will have more PT and will learn all about walking with her leg. As you can see from the video, Laura is excited about walking and a quick learner. Mrs. Jenn said we may not need to stay all 3 or 4 days. This leg doesn't have a knee joint either so it's easier to use. Laura's next leg will have a knee and require addtional training.

After we left Shriners I thought about April 4th. I felt like God was telling me yesterday that there would be something special about the date Laura would get her leg. Then I started to cry. April 4th is exactly 9 months from the day we first met Laura!

July 4, 2010!

Here she is below (looking a wee bit tired) almost 9 months after we met!

Thank you God!!

Laura brought Faith along on the trip. Faith has lost one of her prosthetic legs. Laura, you are such a goofball- I don't think your leg will fit her!


  1. WOW! Laura is amazing! This is wonderful. I love how she says, "I like it!"

  2. WAHOO!!!!! Congrats miss Laura!!! And to her oh so happy parents too :)

  3. Ah-MAY-ZING! ZING! ZING! YOU GO GIRL! Oh, Laura, we are so proud of you and happy for you! Praise the Lord, this is such a beautiful moment!

  4. Laura, I just couldn't wait to see you walking. What a wonderful miracle for you! We can see how happy you are to be on your own. I loved hearing "I like it" because you know exactly what it means to be walking. You go girl! Mom, you will need to be ready to run all the time. Papa, you will have a new shadow following you. Eric and Alex, I think you will have someone chasing you more and more. Laura will want to go every place that you two go. You might not be able to hide from her any more. I love the joy in Laura's face. Love, Memere

  5. what happened to her leg?

  6. I would pray on her but I don't know how to pray I never go to church cuz I live with my dad and my dad hates church and jesus and god