April 15, 2013

Christmas 2012

Finally updating my blog. I'll start with some pictures from Christmas.
We did Christmas a little different this year. We celebrated a few days early before getting in the SUV and driving over the mountains and through the woods (and snow) to Grandmother's house!

I got a new camera I'd been wanting for Christmas. Unfortunately some of my pics came out a little blurry since I wasn't familiar with it yet. I did however get some practice over the next week.

The kids were so excited to see snow! Also excited to hang out with their cousins. It was a very full house!

We ended up borrowing some boots from Ella but I couldn't get the right boot over Laura's prosthetic foot. Having a foot with an ankle that doesn't move can be challenging when getting boots on. When we move North I'll be sure to find some boots that zip all the way down!


Grandma and Grandpa have a great sledding hill!



The neighbor chickens came over to check out all our fun!



Playing with Grandma

Boys slept and hung out in the basement.

Laura helped her Dad make breakfast for 18 people!

Laura and cousin, Ella

Our youngest boy and youngest girl cousins, Oz and Laura.
Both are in kindergarten and by the looks of this picture didn't want it taken. Lol! They really did enjoy playing together- no, really!

Laura loved Big cousin, Mark. Mark is my oldest nephew and is a senior this year.

Look at this old picture Grandma dug up!

1982 ish. I really dig the handsome guy on the right!

I still dig the handsome guy on the right! : )


Grandma and Grandpa with 9 of their 11 grandchildren.

Boy cousins!

Our family

February 6, 2013

Holiday Parade

Troll the Elf

Troll showed up on our door one day in December. Every night Troll found a different hiding spot somewhere in our house. Laura searched for him every morning, sometimes way earlier then we'd wished. ; )

December Happenings

Posing with Mr. Ben at the Shriners Christmas party
 Thought this was a beautiful carving at the Shrine Club.

Santa arrived on a golf cart!

Bearing gifts of course!

Mrs. Claus aka Mrs. Pammy

Laura is a Dasiy Scout. The Girl Scouts sang at the Wounded Warrier Christmas party.
Laura also got to meet 2 other amputees and compare legs.