February 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas morning

A hug from big brother Eric

We had an ongoing joke between Patrick and I.  Everytime I would go to the commisssary he'd tell me to get a dozen boxes of shredded wheat so we wouldn't run out. For Christmas I actually gave hime a dozen boxes! Hey, sometimes you actually do get what you asked for!

Laura loves chocolate!

My aha moment!
Patrick bought me this Laura charm to commemorate Laura finally being home with us. Our very first Christmas together as a family of 5!              

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  1. This is such a happy holiday, the first of many to come with the family. We can see so much happiness in everyone's faces. Even Daisy is having her time with the family. We can almost hear the excitement by looking closely at every member of this new family. thank you for sharing. Love, Memere