May 18, 2011

A Busy Spring Time

Family came to see us
Daisy turned 7!
Laura's been home 6 months
Kids had Spring break
Alex lost 2 teeth 
I worked hard at the Flower Shop (more on this in another post)
More family and friends came to visit
Laura was dedicated at Church
Mother's day

The last few weeks have been crazy busy around here. I'm afraid I've been too busy to blog about it all. But folks, don't fret. I'm back! I will attempt to update this blog through these fabulous pictures.             - Amy

Laura with Aunt Anita

Uncle Bob

Dad, Laura and Uncle Tiger

Auntie used to read stories to me too. Way back when.

April 28 marked 6 months since gotcha day. Wow, what a lot has happened in just half a year! We are trully amazed at Laura's progress! We are thankful she is home with us!!

For Spring Break, the kids and I went to The Wolf Lodge, an indoor water amusement park. We went for 2 days and one night. We had sooooo much fun, we plan on going back next month around Alex's 12th Birthday. I'm afraid I didn't get pictures, but I do want to write about our time there, specifically about some people we met.

We met an Army soldier named Will and his family. Will also has a prosthetic leg. We talked a couple times durring our stay. Will told me a little about his injury and recovery (which took 2 years) and Will was interested in Laura's story. Will couldn't get over how quickly Laura recovered from surgery and how quick she learned to walk.

We also met another Lady named Valerie. Valerie is in her 70's has 12 grandchildren and just happened to be born  missing her left hand. She came over to me and touched my arm and told me I was doing a great job with Laura. I sat down with Valerie and her husband later that day and she shared with me about her experiences. She told me she had a wonderful life and nothing ever stood in her way. She said she credits her Mom for helping her be who she is and for not sheltering her but making her do for herself. The funniest thing was, Valerie's profession was a typing teacher! Her husband was a riot, telling me how his wife used her "weapon" to poke him in the ribs when he needed it. : )  

Laura and the boys loved the water park. We can't wait to go back next month when we celebrate Alex's b-day.

Laura was dedicated Sunday, Mother's day, at Church

My prayer for Laura and Eric and Alex is that they grow up to love and serve the Lord.

Thank you to all who came to see Laura be dedicated. We love you!

Thank you Bruster's