February 20, 2012

Energizer Bunny!

"Wow, she sure has a lot of energy!"
"I bet she keeps you busy!."
"That leg sure doesn't slow her down any!" 
"Wish I could harness some of that energy!"
"Well, that prosthetic sure doesn't stop her does it?"

These are some of the types of comments I get every day from anyone who sees Laura in action. Yes, our girl has a lot of energy! Laura also has a huge appetitite. Laura goes, goes, goes and loves to eat! I heard that people who wear a prosthetic leg or legs, actually expend 20% more energy each day just to move.

Having a lot of energy is a good thing, well most of the time.  I guess....  It is however, challenging to entertain a high energy princessa at a doctores appointment though! Yesterday I remembered to bring Laura's game but unfortuantely, I forgot to bring extra batteries!  

Here's the girl in action!

She was singing the whole time.

"Mom, I'm cold"
"Mom, I'm sleepy."

"Mom, can I wear your shoes?"

Laura, You bet you can wear my shoes. You are such a silly girl! This picture reminds me of a little plastic figure my little sister had on her birthday cake when she was about 3. The figure was of a little girl wearing a huge hat, big pearl necklaces and her mother's high heels. What little girl hasn't done this?!

Here we are, finally home from our appointment. Doesn't she looked thrilled? She now has a nice new cover so maybe her pants and tights won't get so torn up. Maybe...

Tights taking a beating

"Mom, can I go outside and play in the rain?"
So, later that night, I noticed the prosthetic apprentice didn't actually glue the cover in place. I think I'll just glue it myself, no need to go back for more torture right?! But if I do...I'll be sure to bring some double A batteries.

February 10, 2012

The Chart

The darling girl gave me a hard time this morning. Oh boy!

The time out chair doesn't seem to work, I thought. What about a chart? So, we made a chart and stuck it on the fridge a few weeks ago. Laura can earn smiley faces or X's each day. Smiley faces are awesome and she likes seeing those. X's are not good. If she gets 1 or 2 it isn't the end of the world but watch out for that third X! 3 X's in one day means a loss of a privilege like playing w/ her bext friend, Sophia. So far this morning she has earned herself 2 X's for the day. We are working on not lying. Oh how I love my strong willed child!

And here she is, off to school on this chilly morning.