July 15, 2011

Shriners #9- Greenville, SC

We recently moved from VA to NC. The closest Shriners to us now is in Greenville, SC.

I noticed Laura seems to be outgrowing her prosthetic leg. How could this be? She's only had it a few months?! Sure enough, Mama was right! I took her to Shriners and she needs a whole new leg! Laura was casted again and had the best time meeting her favorite cousin, Beth! What a wonderful a couple days we spent in SC. with my sister and my nephew and niece who joined us.

Laura's leg will be built and she'll have a fitting next month. Hopefully, Laura will be playing in her new leg by the end of August. : )

 Laura with cousin Beth.

 We called this the "Train Ride". Evan was so good with the girls.

Our future triathletes!

Leg Casting #2

Let me just say right now, this visit went way better than the last time Laura was casted! If you look at the pictures you'll see why! LOL!

The girls are as pretty as they are silly!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the day. Mr. Ray was so sweet with the girls. He was silly and explained everything so well. I asked him if he ever had an audience quite like today (notice the audience on the seat in the background).

"I've never had so many pairs of eyes watching me cast a patient before" said Mr. Ray.

"This is going to tickle a little."

We go back in about a month for a fitting. Laura should have her new leg by the end of August.

Playing at the Children's Museum

 The girls entertain themselves the next morning on the way to the museum.

Is this spiderman?

A little over a year ago, I met this amazing girl for the very first time. I knew after spending less than a week with her that nothing would stop her from doing ANYTHING she sets her mind to!

I spent so much time thinking and worrying durring the paper-chase part of the adoption. I had so many questions, how would she get around? Would she be able to use a prosthetic leg? How would a prosthetic leg work? Would a prosthetic leg work for her condition? Would she walk funny? Is anything wrong with her hips? Does she even want to walk or does she just sit still? etc... etc...

Did I mention her middle name is FAITH! We had faith in this little girl and she obviously has faith in herself!

Laura, You are AMAZING!

Evan helps Laura get down.

more coming....


  1. I believe it! Lily outgrew hers quickly, too! We go back Monday for a fitting of the new socket and then hopefully we'll have the new leg by the end of the month.

    Laura is such a beauty and I love the header picture of the 2 of you! Simply beautiful!

  2. What a wonderful trip you had to Greenville. Elizabeth told me all about your time at the hotel and at the pool. She told me what it was like to go to the hospital. Laura sure did make a good impression on both Elizabeth and Evan. I heard all about the inside of her leg from Elizabeth, the princesses and all. I know that I now have twin granddaughters as I was told this by Elizabeth. She just loves her new cousin. I think that she is happy to have some other girl in the family to share things with. When I talked to Laura on the phone today, I had to laugh when she asked me "How come you know my Aunt Amanda?" "How come you know Evan and Beth?" Guess I'll have to clue her in to the family secret. Ha! I love it.
    Love, Memere