September 16, 2011

Dolphin Tale Movie

A great family movie.

This is Winter the dolphin. Winter lives in FL and wears a prosthetic tail. The tail was built especially for Winter after she was injured in a net.

Laura loves dolphins and enjoyed this movie! Laura would really love to meet Winter one day.

We talked about this movie at our new prosthetic center and Scott, our prosthetist, said he knew the man who built this special tail for Winter.

First day of Pre-K

On Sept 15, 2011 I put my little girl on a big, yellow, school bus and watched as the bus went down the street, taking Laura to pre-school! I couldn't help but shed a tear as I waved and thought about the journey Laura has been on these last 10 1/2 months since she joined our family.

Look who grew!

                                                     April 4th- Laura wearing leg #1 the day she got it.

Just 5 months later, Laura wearing leg #2.

 Laura is growing taller every single day!


In 5 months she's only gained 3 or 4lbs but seriously, I bet she's grown at least 3 inches!
She now wears size 5/6 and loves wearing her pretty dresses!


You grow more beautiful every single day! We are proud of you and love you very much!!



Alex is in there front and center....somewhere.

Handrails at long last!!

Just some pictures to update the handrail story from the August blog post. It took forever but we finally got our handrails for Laura. Thank you to all who helped make this happen, especially the caregiver who told her husband who told the Colonel and who told the base General who made this happen very quickly!!

 Now the handrails go all the way up the stairs. We also have handrails outside the front door, garage entrance and near the bathtub.

We made and delivered cookies to thank the Gunnery Sergent who made this happen. : )

September 7, 2011

Laura's new leg is here!

Laura's new leg finally came!

Alex opened the door this morning and voila! There was a big box with a tan #5 leg inside!
We woke up Laura and brought her downstairs to try on her leg. This will get some getting used to.

September 3, 2011

Sept 2nd- My birthday!

 Laura and her friend, Sophie, decorated my cake.

August was busy!

Oops, I see I didn't post at all in August. What is my problem? Here is a quick re-cap:

pictures coming...

Week 1 - Football Camp, Swim lessons, Dr. appointments and registering the kids for school.

Laura continues to take swimming lessons w/ Miss. Lyndsey
Week 2 - We moved into our new house on base, Lots of unpacking (lots of damage to our furniture ), making new friends in the neighborhood.

Interstate used nothing but the finest quality boxes and packed and handled our beautiful furniture w/ the utmost care- NOT! Yes, we will be filing a damage claim. Oh the joys of moving!!

Week 3- Laura and I went to SC to have addtional fitting on her prosthetic, Made a TV.commercial w/ my sister! Laura fell down some stairs, Getting to know our wonderful neighbors.

 Mr. Ron did some measuring

 Our cutie alright!

 This leg is so cool!!- it has a kneethat bends!

Laura trying out the new leg w/ cousin, Beth.
The leg will be finished and the lower part covered with skin #5. Hopefully it will be ready soon and then it will be mailed to our house.

I requested some railings for the house a week before this pretty girl fell down the stairs. Can you believe the railing actually stops at the top 4 stairs? I knew this was going to happen. So, after she fell, I took her to housing and placed her in front of me and asked them what time they'd be out today to give us a railing (just like the fully remodeled houses have). They told me I needed a letter from EFMP to prove that we needed a railing. SERIOUSLY?!! I immediately called EFMP and had that letter e-mailed that very afternoon. It has now been over a week and I am still waiting. I realize we had a hurricaine so I gave them a week and called maintenance again this past Friday (over 2 weeks after orginal request). On Friday they told me they hadn't even seen the e-mail from EFMP yet. I think this picture is worth a 1,000 words- this is also how I feel about the situation.

Week 4- Boys started school, Hurricane Irene, Neighborhood after the storm/ no power cook out, Laura has been home 10 months, Horseback riding w/ a friend.

Can't believe I have a 7th grader and a freshman!

We all helped clean up from hurricane Irene.

Thank you Ms. Dawne for a wonderful visit!