October 28, 2011

Happy First Gotcha Day!

Gotcha day was October 28,2010
Laura's been with us one whole year!

Oct. 28, 2010

Oct 28, 2011

One year ago today, we ran up a couple flights of stairs into our forever daughter's arms! Happy gotcha day to our Laura! So much about our gal has changed these last 12 months. Our gal has learned to speak English, in fact she doesn't ever stop talking! She is on her second leg beacuse she never stops eating and growing!

From the day we started the adoption it took a whopping 18 months and 6 days til she was finally ours! What a long, long time but oh so worth all the pain. We had many "speed bumps" along the way and it seemed it would never happen. But it did! It happened because we had faith. Happy first gotcha day to our Laura Faith!
I love you!                               


October 27, 2011

Pat's Change of Command- Oct 21

Friends and family joined us for Pat's Change of Command of
MWSS 272 New River Air Staion, NC

 Laura did great despite being car-sick that morning and saying the ceremony was "borning". Thank you to McKenzie who helped. : )

It was a very exciting morning!!


Patrick built a beautiful deck off our house. What a talented man I have!

 Here we have our lovely model, Laura modeling the deck for us.

And here, we have a monkey!

Physical Therapy

Laura is having difficulty learning how to walk with her new leg.
We've been going to PT twice a week and doing some PT at home.

Although this is frustrating for me, Laura doesn't seem to mind. As always, Laura is just happy to be doing her thing and getting anywhere she wants to be! She often walks on the tip of her left foot so as not to bend the right. We think she doesn't want to fall. By walking this way it prevents the right leg from bending.

Eric's 14th B-day

September 26th Eric turned 14!

Happy birthday Eric! We love you!!