February 24, 2011

Silly pictures from Fall time

Sept 2010
Eric's birthday party at the paintball place

             Eric is taller then his Mom!                       Sept 2010 a couple people turned the big 4-0!          


 Isn't my husband (on the left) special? What a wonderful model he is! Yes folks, this was at Old Navy.

                                                                        Is it loose?

Nov 2010
                                                                         Yes! It WAS that cold!

                                                                 "Peewah", Laura and Alex

Nov 2010

  One of the first times Laura was put in a time out. Ok, maybe this wasn't silly to her but how cute was   this? She was begging in Russian to be let out and promising to be good (we think).

The kids loved jumping in the leaves

                                                                              Tea time anyone?

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