February 26, 2011

Laura and Lily - Our Two Beautiful Blessings!

Amy, Mandy, Laura and Lily

Over the summer I had started praying God would meet us up with
Lily's cute little leg
a child, who lived near us, who had a prosthetic leg. I wanted Laura to meet someone like herself, in person so she could actually see a leg and how it works etc. A couple weeks ago I saw Mandy's blog when she had posted a link to it, on a support group we both belong to. Mandy and I have been chatting back and forth by e-mail a few weeks now and today we actually got to meet up in person! Mandy and I talked non-stop while the girls played. 

It was wonderful to share so much in common with Mandy and to see how well little Lily does as she is adapting to her prosthetic. Lily is a real sweetheart and oh so tiny! Lily joined her forever family a couple months before Laura joined ours and she recently got her very first prosthetic leg.

I look forward to this new friendship and seeing how well these sweet little girls do. There is no limit as to what these precious girls can do!

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