February 6, 2011

Adoption Bonding Pictures

We finally met our Laura Faith on July 4, 2010. 

We traveled for two days with a long layover in Russia and then went straight to the Baby House to meet Laura for the first time. Words can not express the joy I felt to actually see and hold Laura for the first time.

I couldn't help myself. I shed some tears of joy. Our journey had been so long and here I was, finally holding Laura in my arms.

When we first walked in the room I saw Laura sitting in a chair. We were told we'd meet another child as well as Laura so I had expected to see a different child first. It actually took me a couple seconds to realize it was indeed Laura in the chair. Her hair was so short I didn't recognize her until I looked into her big beautiful brown eyes. We gave her a purple puppy and they placed her in my lap and Patrick took our first picture together.

Our first visit was over before we knew it. We only
had about 15 minutes together.

Laura was very quiet and I was happy she didn't cry. 
They had told her that her parents were coming and she seemed ok with the fact that we were them! 

The next day we found out that she had told everyone that we came for her and that she had one Papa and one Mama! You bet I cried when I heard this.

Papa held Laura and counted with her in Russian.
She seemed to open up with him right away. The
children don't see many men at the orphange so Patrick really stood out.

Notice his unshaven face too. Later in the week Laura told us that Papa felt like a porcuping! Lol!

                                          July 5
Day 2

Looking at our family photo album

                                                             Laura started to warm up to us

Day 3

On day 3 both Patrick and I realized we loved this precious little girl.
We really started to connect with her and start to know who she
really was not just the idea we had in our heads. This is the day we
both fell in love with our Laura.

                                                                  Laura w/our wonderful interpreter, Olya                                                                         




Day 6

Let's go Mama

Walking to the photo studio to get Laura's passport picture taken.

                                                                       Day 7

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