June 28, 2012

External Fixator removal

Here is our little fiesty girl!

 I cut the side of her pants so the external fixator would fit.

Here's a close up of our torture contraption! Lol! Laura hated pin cleaning!! We had to unbandage and clean the pins twice a day. Laura screamed bloody murder each and every single time. The scar is where her knee used to be. This makes more sense when you see the X-rays below.

June 20, 2012

Laura felt ready to get the fixator out...

especially once the meds started working ; )



Waking up....

Horsey also had surgery. The nurses used green tape on he back. After surgery, Horsey got a new outfit and we were ready to go!


to be continued......

June Happenings

Goodness, it's almost the end of June already. Where did the time go? What have we been up to? Lots and lots! Let's see, where do I begin? Well, Laura went back to Pre-K for a couple mornings a week. She enjoyed getting out and seeing her friends. We survived a total of 8 weeks and 1 day in that crazy external fixator!! Our little best friend in the whole wide world moved away. : ( You will be missed, Sophia! The boys also finished school. Both did very well especially in science. We also had some friends come visit us this month. Boy are we excited to have old friends that we knew in Okinawa and then again inVirginia move down here this summer! Oh, and today is a very special day. Today, Alex turns 13! Oh my, I have 2 teenagers in the house!!!!


Alex went deep sea fishing with his Dad last weekend. The men had a great time and we had a nice birthday dinner of fried flounder, puffer fish and sea bass, along with my famous chocolate cake for dessert.

 Here are all their impressive catches!

 Great job, Alex!

This picture was taken a few years ago, Alex has always loved to fish!

This will be the year that Alex becomes taller than me. He measures his heigth with me daily. I'm afraid I have him by only a inch (if that). Alex is 5'3. Alex is still our silly guy. I'm afraid things might be a bit borring around here if it were'nt for our comdedian and animal lover, Alexander the Great! Alex is also tender hearted, well most of the time anyway. I thank God for my sweet Alex and all his goofiness!

Sophia pushing Alex. 

Alex founf the turtle while on a bike ride. We kept him for a couple hours and then returned him.

The turtle was very shy and barely poked his head out.

Hapy 13th Birthday Alex!