November 30, 2011

Mike's Farm

more coming...

Birthday Party

more pics coming....

Look who got their ears pierced!

Before the piercing


Notice I added no pictures of the actual piercing itself (although my Mom did take some). I thought my audience might put a call into social services if you saw the actual footage from this very traumatic event! : )

Notice how the chocalate ice cream made everything all better! Thanks, Memere!!

Laura's "Hero" Video

Adoption Ark, the agency we used to adopt Laura, made this sweet video of our little "Hero"

Here we are in Kazakhstan. Yup, that's our Laura, she has always aimed "high". : )

November 27, 2011

Laura's First Race

Laura, Alex and I ran the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning. The run was around the neighborhood which was comprised of 3 service roads. I brought the stroller for Laura but she ended up running almost the entire race by herself!! This gal will do anything she puts her mind to. Way to go Laura!!

 After Alex finished the race, he came back and ran with his little sis. : )

 Look at that proud face! Laura wore her medal all day long! She now has it proudly displayed in her room.
We are so proud of Laura!

November 22, 2011

Love Letter To Our Princessa


Today, on your 5th Birthday I took some time to thank God for you. I also thought about the day you were born. You were brought into this world a little early and weighed in at just 5 pounds. I am so thankful to the Lady that gave birth to you. I prayed a prayer of blessing on this Lady today.

Laura, the moment I first saw your picture, my life was changed forever. I was captivated with your beautiful deep brown eyes, eyes the color of pumpernickel bread. Your eyes pierced my very sole, they seemed to say, "I need to be loved, won't you be my Mommy?" You needed us as much as we needed you! After a little convincing,  Daddy and I agreed we would pursue your adoption.

You've been home with us for a year now.  Dad and I woke you up today and sang, "Happy Birthday to you." You smiled from ear to ear and you were so happy. We are having a big Princessa Birthday party for you tomorrow and you can't wait. Unlike last year, you are fully aware of what is going on and understand what a birthday and birthday party means. You have grown so much this past year. Not only have you grown much taller but you've had surgery, learned to speak English and learned to walk! Unbelievable how much you've been through and have learned!!

You spend a lot of time talking, Oh, the wild stories you come up with! You want me to guess what you did each day when you get home from pre-school, and you are so intelligent! Your comments amaze me and you forget nothing! God sent you to change my life, and to strengthen my faith. I know that God has a specific purpose for you, Laura. He has great things in store for you! I believe you were sent here to change lives of those who cross your path, to teach them things and to soften hearts. You are the strongest, most resilient, and bravest person I have ever known!  You will do ANYTHING you set your mind to!

Before I know it, you’ll be all grown up- I’ll miss the stories you spin with such imagination, and even
the tantrums that you throw. I tell you daily to stop growing and stay little. "I can't help growing, Mom!"  You tell me.

I feel incredibly blessed that God chose me to be your mother. You are so precious to Dad and I and although they don't always show it, your big brothers love you too. We all love you soooo much!!

Happy 5th Birthday Laura!
Love, Mommy