February 26, 2011

Laura and Lily - Our Two Beautiful Blessings!

Amy, Mandy, Laura and Lily

Over the summer I had started praying God would meet us up with
Lily's cute little leg
a child, who lived near us, who had a prosthetic leg. I wanted Laura to meet someone like herself, in person so she could actually see a leg and how it works etc. A couple weeks ago I saw Mandy's blog when she had posted a link to it, on a support group we both belong to. Mandy and I have been chatting back and forth by e-mail a few weeks now and today we actually got to meet up in person! Mandy and I talked non-stop while the girls played. 

It was wonderful to share so much in common with Mandy and to see how well little Lily does as she is adapting to her prosthetic. Lily is a real sweetheart and oh so tiny! Lily joined her forever family a couple months before Laura joined ours and she recently got her very first prosthetic leg.

I look forward to this new friendship and seeing how well these sweet little girls do. There is no limit as to what these precious girls can do!

February 24, 2011

Silly pictures from Fall time

Sept 2010
Eric's birthday party at the paintball place

             Eric is taller then his Mom!                       Sept 2010 a couple people turned the big 4-0!          


 Isn't my husband (on the left) special? What a wonderful model he is! Yes folks, this was at Old Navy.

                                                                        Is it loose?

Nov 2010
                                                                         Yes! It WAS that cold!

                                                                 "Peewah", Laura and Alex

Nov 2010

  One of the first times Laura was put in a time out. Ok, maybe this wasn't silly to her but how cute was   this? She was begging in Russian to be let out and promising to be good (we think).

The kids loved jumping in the leaves

                                                                              Tea time anyone?

February 22, 2011

Counting... Counting... Counting...

I can think of so many things to count. Here are a few.

  1. How many more weeks in a cast- ONE! (Yeah!)
  2. How many boys in this house- TWO! (but it feels like more : ) )
  3. How long Laura's been home- THREE months! (Almost four!)
  4. How many months until we move to NC- About FOUR!  
  5. How many hours it takes to get up to Shriners Hospital- FIVE!
  6. How many weeks Laura's been in a cast- SIX! (Six long weeks!)
  7. How many hours I sleep a night- SEVEN! (If I'm lucky)
  8. How many houses I've lived in since Patrick and I married- EIGHT!
  9. How many years older Eric is to Laura- NINE! (but he feels like it's more)
  10. How high Laura can count up to- TEN! (Well sometimes anyway)

February 21, 2011

Shriners Hospital - 4th Trip

Mama's girl!

We first took Laura up to Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia, PA in early December 2010 for her initial evaluation. We were told Laura was a good candidate for surgery. Unfortunately, the waiting list was very long and we were  told it would be a 5-6 month wait. You can imagine our surprise when they had a cancellation in early January. We were called on Jan 5th and asked if we could be ready for surgery the next morning at 6:30AM.  You bet we could! Laura had her first surgery on her right leg on January 6, 2010.

(Please read the page on Fibular Hemimela at top to learn more).

Our third trip to Philly was two weeks later on January 24th. On this visit, we learned Laura's leg was healing nicely and quickly and to come back in 4 weeks.

This picture was brought to you today by Care Bears!

On our fourth trip on February 21, 2011, I really thought Laura's doctor would be taking her cast off. I was also hoping the doctor and intern would be able to measure her for her prosthetic. After taking X-rays they remarked how well her tibia was calcifying. The doctors decided to remove the pin that was in her right tibia. They cut around the base of her cast (not a pleasant experience but Laura's lungs work really, really great!). After they cut the tip of her cast off, they were thankfully able to remove the pin right there in the examination room- I was very happy about this, especially since the intern explained they may have to schedule her in the ER for this short procedure. When they took the pin out, our poor little Princessa had some bleeding and the heel on her stump needs to heal over before the cast can come off. I was really bummed the cast had to stay on (the nurse put the cap back on and wrapped her up again, Thanks nurse Debbie!). You can imagine she is starting to smell pretty funky after only being able to take sponge baths for 6 weeks.

Laura's X-rays
The far right X-ray shows her X-ray from January. You can see in the other two X-rays how well her tibia is healing.
The intern was awesome and took the time to not only explain everything to me but was simply wonderful with Laura. It makes all the difference to take those extra few minutes! I made sure I asked him exactly what to expect on our 4th visit on Feb 28. I was told the cast should come off and if there is no swelling they may measure her then for her prosthetic. I will pray for complete healing and no swelling! I hope they can measure her and start making her prosthesis. Oh how I long for Laura to walk. I can't wait!

Puppet Show

On this trip Eric came with Laura and I. It's about 200 miles to Philly but it takes me 4 to 5 hours to drive it with our stops and occasional traffic jams. It took us 5 hours to get to our hotel Sunday evening. We arrived for our appointment at 9:30AM Monday morning. With X-rays etc we were finished with the appointment by about 11:30-just in time to visit with a friend we made while we were in the hospital, and then we saw a puppet show! We grabbed a bite to eat and then got on the road. On the way out of town Eric mentioned wanting to see the Liberty Bell. Wouldn't you know it- The Bell was just 2 miles away! Laura was asleep in the SUV so I just parked and Eric went on in and saw the Bell. We
realized there are a lot of historic places right there in Philly near Shriner's Hospital. I wonder what we'll see next time?
When we arrived home tonight, Laura couldn't wait to tell Papa and Alex all about the puppet show! She also petted Daisy on her head and said, "Hi Daisy, I missed you." Wow, was it just almost 4 months ago that she was scared to death of our dog? And now, Daisy is sleeping next to her bed on the floor. So very cute!

 As for me, I'm  glad to be home and able to sleep
 in my bed tonight! Heal well little Laura...heal well.

Shriners Hospital love their children!
Mark (far left) is one of Laura's physical therapists. He taught Laura how to use her walker.

February 19, 2011

Week 2

Looking at our family photo album                                          Mugging for the camera!

Flying a kite and blowing bubbles on a windy day

                                                                               The kite was off to a good start.

But then the wind blew the kite into the tree. 

Oh no! It got stuck!

        Laura watches her big brothers try to get the kite down.

While she blew some bubbles.

                        Standing on top of Alex and using an umbrella was a good idea.

                                                              Dad to the rescue!

After a quick tape job the boys took the kite up to the school for more flying. 

February 18, 2011

Chores! Chores! Chores!

Feeding Daisy

The laundry! 

                                  Putting away the dishes...

Nice work!

Laura likes going "food shopping" with Mama. She also likes to help put everything away. She uses her Princess basket to carry everything. The cereal boxes don't quite fit but of course Laura found a way! She continues to amaze us every single day!

Laura also enjoys helping me cook and feeding Daisy.


Work makes me tired!

February 17, 2011

Why? Why? Why?

I'm happy to say that Laura is talking up a storm these days. In fact, she is talking non-stop! She talks all the time from the moment she wakes up until the moment she goes to bed. Sometimes she even talks in her sleep! Talk, talk, talk!

Right now she is even talking on the phone! Having a pretend conversation with Papa. Oh, does she love to talk! Ok, you might be wondering, aren't I happy that she is talking? Yes, of course I am, but I'm just not used to this! Girls sure can talk! I mean, I've been a wife to Patrick for almost 17 years now and well, he doesn't talk that much, and Eric, well he rarely talks. Then there is Alex, yes, Alex is a talker but he talks about half as much as Laura! Laura talks about as much as her Babushka Vonda, now there is a talker!!

I guess the talking wouldn't be too bad if it weren't for that word she uses all day long. What word is that you ask? Why do you want to know? Huh? Why? ......Why? Why? Why?
I have a word I've been using a lot too! My word is "because!"