February 5, 2011

Our Adoption Story Part 2

  • Paperwork - started April 2009
  • Starting A Business aka Fundraising  - April 2009
  • Home Study - completed May 2009
  • More Paperwork
  • Fundraiser - Sept 2009                       
  • Submitting our Dossier - Dec 2009
  • Road Blocks
  • Time
  • More Time
  • Even More Time
  • Tears
  • Waiting
  • More Waiting
  • Even More Waiting
  • Finally Meeting Our Daughter- July 4, 2010
  • Court Day - July 27, 2010
  • More Waiting - 12 long weeks   
  • Gotcha Day - Oct 28,2010
  • Home - Nov 4, 2010                                

Wish I could continue my story and say everything   
 went perfectly and before we knew it Our daughter
 was home. Well the good news is she is indeed
 home now! It just took a very long time to get her
 home. We had a zillion "speed bumps" along the
 way and it seems it took forever.

One day when I was particularly down I asked God
for a sign. I asked for a sign that he was working out the details. I needed to know it would all work out. We would have a happy ending. I know God loves me and I am convinced he has a great sense of humor because that very day, God sent me this sign.

God also sent me this song.

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  1. The song is just beautiful. I know that God had a hand in this. You did tell me about the sign and when I see it I am brought to tears. When I read the road signe sent to you, I am amazed at your courage to continue on this trip. I know the waiting was hard for you, but it was so worth it in the long run. I remember the phone calls from you. I also remember the first pictures of Laura when we were in Eastport over the fourth of July in 2010 and you were in Kazistan. We cried when we first saw her. On your "Gotcha Day" you took a picture of her in your lap. Amy, she looks just like you. What a wonderful gift. Love, Memere