March 31, 2011

Kazakhstan Car Conversations

Laura and I have lots of time spent together in the car these days, especially with all our trips up to Shriners. How do we make the time go by? We talk. We talk, and talk, and talk! I've never had so much conversation from the backseat!

Here are few of our recent conversations. Oh, and you might need a Kleenex for these!

Laura- "Mom, I want to go to Kazakhstan."
Me- "Why Laura?"
Laura- "I want to see Mama Dousla." (One of her care-givers she talks about often)
Me- "What would you say to Mama Dousla?"
Laura- "Ummmm..... I would say I'm getting prosthetic leg Monday, I go school! I love my family...uh...."
Me- "What else would you tell her?"
Laura- "I'm a princessa!"
Me- "Would you tell her anything else?"
Laura- "I miss you!"

I'm so blessed Laura had bonded with some of these caregivers at the orphanage. I'm no psychologist but I'd venture to say that this was one healthy conversation.

Here is a conversation that me cry last week on our way to Shriners.

Laura- "I NEED money."
Me- "What for? You don't NEED money!"
Laura- "Yes I do!"
Me- "What for?"
Laura- "I go to Kazakhstan."
Me- "Oh, you need to buy a plane ticket then?"
Laura- "Yes, I go Kazakhstan. I need waffles." (She loves waffles)
Me- "What?!"
Laura- "I buy waffles for children in Kazakhstan. I bring waffles for children."
Me- "You want to bring some waffles for the children in the orphanage to eat?"
Laura- "Yes!"
Me- "That is very nice of you. I'm sure the children would love some waffles. Would you bring them anything else?"
Laura- "Yes. COOKIES!"
Me- "Oh, I'm sure they would LOVE that! Anything else?"
Laura- "Yes, I need money for plane ride".
Me- "Why?"
Laura- "I need the children to have plane ride and have family like me!"
Me- (getting all choked up) "Laura, you want your friends to ride in airplanes and have Moms and Dads come get them and bring them home like we did?"
Laura- "Yes, families like me!"

I could barely drive through the tears. What a great gal we have! Laura, I pray God uses your compassion and abilities mightily!

Hittle Thoughts

March 28, 2011

Today marks five months that we ran up a few flights of stairs and into Laura's arms! Our life has been wonderful and very, very busy since we brought her home, let me to tell you!

Laura's language continues to surprise me each and every single day! I am often amazed by her ability to understand me and even sense my mood (something most of the men in my house are still learning) hee hee. Today, as I was sweeping the floor Laura asks, "What are you doing?" "I'm sweeping the floor". I say. She says, "why?" (her favorite question by the way). "Why do you think?" I ask. "We have friends coming over?" she says. No, we don't but what a smart kid huh? What a conversation! In just five short months she is talking non-stop and holding complete conversations with us.

As for the boys, Laura completely adores her big brothers. Big brother Eric can be very helpful at times carrying Laura and swinging her all around. Laura squeals, "faster!" and "again!" as he pushes her in her pink car or twirls her around. Alex and Laura have developed a special relationship. I see a similar personality in the two. I often find them playing together and acting silly. Laura also loves it when Alex tucks her in at night. 

"My fav-or-ite!"

Laura's new phrase "My fav-or-ite!" can be heard multiple times durring the day. Her favorite question, "why?" is still in the number one spot!

Here are a few of her "fav-or-ite" things in random order...                                   Chocolate!

                          Dora and Diego

The colors pink and purple!
Mac and Cheese
"Hamm Buggas"                                            Painting with Alex
Chicken noodle soup
Brown Klepp  (pumperknickle bread) 
Bible book
Jesus music
Bubble bath
Blowing bubbles
Baby dolls
                      Papa aka "Daddy"
                      "Ska-beddi"                                                             "Pink machina"

                                         "M's"                              Mama aka Mom and "Hey Mom!" (10 times in a row)

Playing with Big brother, Eric. "Again Eric!" "Again! again!" "Faster!"
Here they were playing their new game- Pink car sledding!! 

And her new fav-or-ite thing- WALKING!
"I like it!" she says. We can't wait til her prosthetic leg is ready on April 4th!

March 21, 2011

Shriners Visit #7- Laura walks!

On your mark...

Get ready...

Get set...


And go...

And GO!!

And smile!

We go back in 2 weeks on April 4th. The leg needs some minor adjustments, to fit just right.  Laura's prosthetic leg will look similiar to her left leg and will be fit for a princessa to wear!

We will stay for 3 or 4 days on our next trip. Laura will have more PT and will learn all about walking with her leg. As you can see from the video, Laura is excited about walking and a quick learner. Mrs. Jenn said we may not need to stay all 3 or 4 days. This leg doesn't have a knee joint either so it's easier to use. Laura's next leg will have a knee and require addtional training.

After we left Shriners I thought about April 4th. I felt like God was telling me yesterday that there would be something special about the date Laura would get her leg. Then I started to cry. April 4th is exactly 9 months from the day we first met Laura!

July 4, 2010!

Here she is below (looking a wee bit tired) almost 9 months after we met!

Thank you God!!

Laura brought Faith along on the trip. Faith has lost one of her prosthetic legs. Laura, you are such a goofball- I don't think your leg will fit her!

March 16, 2011

Lessons I've learned...and re-learned...again...

I'm not a first time Mom or even a second time Mom, nope I'm a Mom again for the third time! You'd think I'd be even more prepared for child #3 right?  Oops, I must have forgotten some lessons along the way because here I am re-learning them...again!

For you Mom's and Dad's out there I'm just going to share some of the lessons I've re-learned in the past 4 1/2 months. Maybe I can save you from going through some of these. Maybe you could even share some lessons with me that I haven't encountered again...yet...


Scissors are NEVER a good item to leave unattended. Scissors can cut things like a doll babies hair and an unattended order left out on a table. (good thing I have good puzzle making skills)


Stamps are NOT stickers and should never be left anywhere in arms reach of a little one! (kinda an expensive lesson).


Drinks should never be given to a child in a car seat. It WILL get spilt!

Car Sickness in children

If you've been told your child tends to get car sick believe it because it WILL happen! DO NOT make U-turns! Do not let child eat something that if seen again will cause YOU to get sick (like eggs!!!!!!!). Laura gets carsick about 40% of the time. We have tried anti nausea medicine which works so so. Recently we are using anti nausea bracelets, they seem to be working about 90% of the time IF worn correctly. DO NOT let anyone but YOU put them on so that you can be sure they are worn properly! I've also learned to carry extra clothes, towels and something to barf in.

Putting a cute outfit on child

Every single time you put a cute outfit on your child (especially a new outfit) it WILL get dirty! It will get food spilt on it or something worse (refer back to previous lesson).


If you have a special needs child with an obvious disability expect to be stared at! Most of the time this doesn't bother me too much. I'd stare too cause Laura is the cutest little gal ever!

Library Books

Library books should not be left unattended and should not be in car near a known barf area. The "stickers" on library books are supposed to stay on the book and this fact should be told repeatedly to child.


Siblings, especially the, big brother kind, should not attempt to "hide" Halloween candy under their beds where a short person can find them. They should also expect to have a little sister want to get in their "stuff" so must learn to put up important items and shut their door.  

Markers and pens

These are other items that can produce a big mess and should be used with caution! Play dough and paint are also in this category.

Nap time

DO NOT let a child of 4 sleep more than 15 minutes at nap time or they will be up ALL night!


A child learning English WIll repeat EVERYTHING he or she hears so watch what you say! Just ask my boys about this one!

Quiet is NOT good

If it is too quiet INVESTIGATE!

LOVE- The BIGGEST Lesson of all! 

Being a Mom has been the best and hardest thing I've done And the most rewarding!  I love my kiddos!


I need to do this more! Here is my verse today:
Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, And even when he is old he will not depart from it.

March 15, 2011

Shriners Hospital Visit # 6

Today, Laura got to try on her very first  prostheic leg, so our prosthetist,  could  make some adjustments. The good news is Laura is healing from her surgery nicely and we are one day closer to Laura walking! The bad news is, we need to go back again next week for an addtional fitting. The prosthetist is unsure if she can find some smaller parts needed so that Laura will have a bendable knee. Laura's entire right leg is a tiny bit longer then her left leg at the knee. Laura may need to grow another inch or two before a prosthetic knee can be used. She will still have a prosthetic leg but the first one just wouldn't bend. We will learn more at next weeks visit.

Here we are waiting for our appointment.

Laura checking out her new foot!

First, we put on a long white sock and then we began trying on all the leg parts.

Looking to see if her leg went all the way in and how the top of her leg fit.

Mrs. Jenn attached the lower leg.

Look at her! Wow Laura! You are amazing! I have dreamed about you walking in your very own prosthetic leg, and here we are so close to making all our dreams come true! God is so good!

Laura said, "I have two legs!"

Thank you to Laura's wonderful Aunt Larissa, our photographer and videographer.

                       After a full day, it was time for home. Stuck in traffic, on the way home, I looked back and this is what I saw.

Philidelphia Flower Show

Laura's Aunties joined us at the Philidelphia Flower Show on Sunday.

 Mama, Carla, Lucinda, Larissa and Laura

That's my girl!

Laura adores her Aunt Larissa!
 Thanks for coming with us to Philly for the flower show and to Shriners.

Laura told us she wanted this house.

And I said, I wanted this shop!