June 17, 2011

Let's celebrate!

Dad got an award on Thursday
Dad's last day of work
Alex's last day of school
Grandpa's birthday video!

June 13, 2011

Bugs, Big Brother and Beautiful teeth

Those "bugs" look an awful lot like acorns!

Alex, don't break her!

I think you got him!

This is what I got when I asked her for just one more picture of  her pretty white teeth.

Laura talks non-stop

Question: What is Laura talking about?
Answer: Everything! Here are some mini conversations to put a smile on your face. I did my best to use Laura's exact words. She is learning so much English and doing such an awesome job.

Mom: "Laura, you talk sooooo much, do you ever stop talking?"
Laura: "I no talk when I'm sleeping."

Laura: "Why you no shave today? Mom, you have sharp legs-you need shave them!"

Laura: "What tomorrow is?"
Mom: "What day is tomorrow?"
Laura: "Yes, what day is tomorrow?"
Mom: "Monday"
Laura: "What Monday?"
Mom: "What are we doing Monday? We are going shopping".
Laura: "and what get?"
Mom: "groceries".
Laura: "Food! Oh, I like food!"

Scientists in the family!

Last week Eric brought us home an invitation to the 8th grade awards ceremony. We were told Eric would be recieving an award. We were so happy to learn Eric not only received one award, but four! One award was for highest gpa in science. He also earned 598 pts out of a possible 600 on his science state exam. I think we have another scientist in the Hittle family!

Way to go Eric!!

Look! Alex is also a scientist! Way to go- Alex!

Got milk?

 Kefir (drinkable yogurt)?

or cereal?
She loves Kix!


The twins also enjoy Kix.

June 4, 2011

Preschool graduation

Laura poses with her teachers, Ms. Kerry and Ms. Kim. Thank you, Ladies, for loving Laura and giving her a great first experience at school. You are appreciated and will me missed!

We put Laura in a Tues/Thursday morning 3 year old preschool program this year. Her teacher was Ms. Kim. Laura also joined Ms. Kerry's all day 3 year old program a few times a month. Laura is now 4 1/2 years old and has just about caught up in language to other 4 year olds. The teachers, staff and other parents have all remarked to me that they just can't believe how far she's come in just 7 months! We seriously have a gifted gal in language!

Laura is still too young for kindergarten in the Fall. We will have one full year of preschool next year where we look forward to learning more letters and sounds. I have the feeling Laura will do very well!

 Laura loved the squirrel song! "Squirrel, squirrel, shake your bushy tail!"

                                                            Laura's class (minus Charles)

Alex with friend, Peter aka "Peewah".

June 2, 2011

Baby, baby and a Daisy!

I recently learned I'm the grandmother of twins!
 Please meet Eva and Maggie.

The twins go everywhere with their Mommy

Mommy Laura prays and then shares some of her favorite lunch w/ Eva, turkey and cheese on pumpernickle bread. How many 4 year olds do you know that like pumpernickle?!

Come on Daisy, let's go for a walk!

Getting tired...

Eva went to school wearing a matching dress. Thanks, Mrs. Laura W!

 Laura loves Kefir! It reminds her of the drinkable yogurt she had in Kaz.

Don't worry, Mom, This road is the dead end road to the Middle school behind our house.
No traffic this time of day!

and this last picture is for Laura's adoring fans taken last July.

We went from pushing her around to her pushing her own babies- so sweet!