April 29, 2012


We arrived at the hospital shortly after 8:00 AM for the scond surgery of the day. Laura looks somber. I was trying to keep myself together.

I think they asked us about 1,000 questions before surgery.

Thankfully Peggy and Mom where with us to help the time go by whle I answered questions and Laura had her boodpressure taken etc.

She changed out of her festive dress and bow to put on this fancy tiger gown.

Cousin Beth called to wish her luck and tell Laura they were praying for her.

Here she is waving goodbye. I had just shown her a picture I'd received on my phone of Sophia wishing her luck. I told Laura to wav to Sophia. After this, we walked up to the third floor for some meds before surgery.

I think the meds are starting to work.

The nurses told her to wave goodbye like a princess. Yup, I do believe the drug were in full effect.

This is the second time I've watched my baby girl being taken back for surgery. It's a sad feeling to watch her go. I did feel confident in Dr. Westberry and Dr. Miller. It was still hard to see her go! Thank God my Mom was with me! I realized later it was even harder on her because not only was she watching her grandbaby go to surgery but she was also watching me being upset.

We went back to what was going to be Laura's room and we prayed and cried.

Love you Mom!

April 23, 2012

Shriners Trip # 12

 Sophia, Laura's BFF, came down to see Laura before we left. They walked down to Sophia's house to play for 30 minutes.

I love these two girls together! Friends make all the difference! : )

After saying goodbye to Sophia, we drove down to Greenville, SC on Sunday afteroon, for Laura's Pre-op appointment Monday morning.

On Monday we wen to Shriners and met a new friend namd Abbey. Both girls have FH of the right leg. Laura is considered AK (abve the knee amputee) and Abbey is BK (below the knee). The girls entertained each other for over an hour as Abey and her Mom and I waited to see our doctor, Dr. Westberry.

After our morning appointment we had lunch and found a playground to play on. Mr. Ben, I thought there were no adults allowed on the play equipment!! Lol!

Look at her go!!

Last day of school

Has anyone seen my camera?

Where did I put my camera?

Have you seen it?

Found it!

I wonder who may have taken these pictures?

April 21, 2012

Quick Update

I'm way behind on updating the blog. Will post pictures soon from all our fun April activities.

In the meantime, here is an update. Laura is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday, April 24th. We leave Sunday and drive the 400 miles south to Shriners Hospital. Thankfully, God sent us a wonderful roadrunner, Ben and his wife, Peggy to drive Laura and I. Patrick can't come due to being in training that week and taking care of the boys at night. I know we'll be in good hands w/ Ben and Peggy and of course the doctors, nurses and staff at the hospital.

I did tell Laura about her surgery last week. After she cried for a bit, she told me she hated wheelchairs and doctors but that she loves me! She then promisd to try and be brave.

The next evening, at our usual bedside chat time, she asked more questions about the surgery. Each day we talk some more and she seems to understand about as much as a 5 year old can. Of course it breaks my heart that she needs to go through with the surgery. It's not going to be fun for a girl who enjoys being active and playing rough and who loves being outside as much as possible.

The last 2 days she's gotten a lot of attention and gifts. The wheelchair arrived so she and her best friend, Sophia, have been taking turns pushing each other around in it. The Pre-school class also had a celebration for Laura yesterday on her last day of school. They sang, "For she's a jolly goodfellow..." The class also watched a presentation of some pictures from the school year and had cookies.

Yesterday afternoon, we had a bouncy for laura and the neighbor kids came over to play in it. Laura was in hog heaven with all the attention and getting to do one of her favorite things, bounce away! Thankfully, we still have the bouncy for one more day so she can wear herself out good.

April 4, 2012

One Year Anniversary

Guess what Laura got one year ago today?

Guess what she did one year ago today?!

She walked!


Here we are one year later! Look how much my girl has grown/changed!


 Sophia and Laura had an Easter egg hunt at school.

 So proud!

 Ms. Denise with our silly girl.

 The girls also attended an Easter craft making party at the neighbors. These two love being creative!

 My boys!

 Good job guys!

 Coloring Easter eggs is always more fun with a friend. : )

The day of our neighborhood Easter egg hunt was rainy. Of course we didn't let a little thing like rain stand in our way!

Great job girls!