June 13, 2011

Laura talks non-stop

Question: What is Laura talking about?
Answer: Everything! Here are some mini conversations to put a smile on your face. I did my best to use Laura's exact words. She is learning so much English and doing such an awesome job.

Mom: "Laura, you talk sooooo much, do you ever stop talking?"
Laura: "I no talk when I'm sleeping."

Laura: "Why you no shave today? Mom, you have sharp legs-you need shave them!"

Laura: "What tomorrow is?"
Mom: "What day is tomorrow?"
Laura: "Yes, what day is tomorrow?"
Mom: "Monday"
Laura: "What Monday?"
Mom: "What are we doing Monday? We are going shopping".
Laura: "and what get?"
Mom: "groceries".
Laura: "Food! Oh, I like food!"

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