October 29, 2012

Our Lil Flower Girl

Our Lil beauty was asked to be a flower girl! Oh, what an exciting day it was! The bride looked absolutely beautiful and I cried at the wedding when my pretty little girl walked down the isle, sprinkling rose petals.

As you can see by the Marines in this picture, it was a military wedding. I think these guys would make good body guards for Laura one day when she's a teenager. What do you think?

The flowers were absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

Here is a close up of our pretty girl and her beautiful flower tierra.

The Beautiful Bride carried salmon roses, white spray roses and blue delphinium.

Congratulations Lindsey and Ricky!

Laura examines the Maid of Honors bouquet. 

Isn't it sweet how Laura is admiring her mother's work? Oh Laura! Yes, I made the Beautiful flowers
for this wedding. I love making Beautiful flowers for weddings!
Laura and I
Entertaining herself after the wedding.

Oh Laura, you crack me up!

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